Architectural Controls

Saddleback Mountain HOA


Living in a Covenant Controlled Community

Can I build a wall between me

and my neighbor?

Part of living in a Covenant controlled community is making sure that any changes to your property are compliant with our rules.  A new roof, an addition, upgrading your deck railing, a fence, changing the color of your home, and a dog run are a few examples of the projects that you would need to get approval on before starting. 

To get approval for property and home improvement projects, you need the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) to review your plans to make sure they are in accordance with the Saddleback Mountain HOA covenants.   If you aren't sure if you need to apply for approval, please contact or the current ACC committee chairperson for more information. 

To start the application process,download this form and return the completed form along with the $75 application fee, to any ACC member in person or by mailing it to the HOA's PO Box.